Turn Your Love Story into a Snap Story!

When you scroll through your social media news feed you see friends who are really into these Geofilters. Geofilters are a great and fun way to share with others where you are and what you are up to by adding a fun and unique overlay to your Snap. This is the newest platform couples can use when trying to be creative on social media! Snapchat is an avenue that broadcasts authentic footage and images from an event or moment and in real-time. Couples can use real-time video and photo content to post and send, including a "geo filter". Geo filters are an are an entertaining alternative for out-of-the-box ways for your guests to share their memories from your wedding!

We are excited to try this at our Diamonds and Couture event on October 23, 2016 at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ 

Here is the link for you to download SnapChat Geo Filter!    






Download it and use it at your next event and let us know what you thought about it!


Bridesmaids Listen Up and Get in Formation!

I have waited for quite some time to decide how I was going to honestly yet peacefully speak to those lovely bridesmaids out there. In my years of experience I have paid close attention to my brides and how they interact with their bridesmaids. For the most part when brides ask people to be a member of their wedding party, they have taken the time to really consider and think through who they want close to them on the day of their wedding. They have chosen you to take much stress off of them and to support them before, during and after their wedding.

You - bridesmaid will be the main support for the bride and she is counting on you to be there for her every step of the way. From trying on dresses to reapplying her make up when she starts crying. From holding her dress up while she pees to hosting her unforgettable shower or bachelorette party. Yes. All of these topics and more are duties for you to carry out. You as bridesmaids should work together with the maid or matron of honor closely to make sure every moment is a easy, fun and stress free moment for the bride.

When the bride has asked you to be her bridesmaid, the first question you should ask her is,  "What is the best way to communicate for you? Is it email? A newsletter?"  (Those are fun) "A group text or a group FB message?" What ever the way is, it is important for you to read and respond to the bride on every single topic. I know you are busy... we all are. But when you said yes to her, that meant, yes I will communicate, participate in as much as I can. And when I can't be there you will know why and won't wonder why I am MIA.

Expect NOTHING to be paid for by the bride. If she wants to gift you with something it is just that.. a gift. Be prepared to pay for your own dress, shoes, makeup and hairstyle.

When the bride has selected your dress or has given you specific guidelines for you to stay in if you are allowed to choose your own dress - please don't wait till the last minute. The bride will most certainly stress out until you have it and she will fear that it will not be ready/ordered in time for her wedding. If you are able to - just go ahead and pay for it right away and report to her that you have done so. If you can't that is okay too. Just communicate to her or her planner when you plan on doing so. She will be thrilled!

If there are multiple bridesmaids in the party, do your best to get a long with all of them. Bringing drama to a bride's wedding is the last thing she needs and it removes the focus off of her. Also remember that she asked all of you to be in her wedding party so that means that she loves and cares about you all. She won't appreciate you speaking negatively against each other. 

I could go on and on, but finally, when you are getting ready and you want to snap photos of you and the bride in the bridal suite wait to post any photos to social media. You run a chance for her mate to see her on social media before they see her in person.

Just remember this - this wedding is about HER - not you.  If she wants you to wear a beehive on your head as a hairstyle, do it. If she wants you to wear a lime green dress, wear it. If she wants to choreograph a dance that she wants you to bust your moves in - then get your dancing shoes on.

And if you don't want to that's okay too. Just happily be a guest at the wedding or suggest a different role you would like to do other than being a bridesmaid.  Because this is her moment, her love story and it is your job to make sure she feels loved and supported by you - her girls, her aces... her bridesmaids.

When should I hire a planner and why?

I am such a big advocate of using a wedding planner. When I get married I most certainly will hire a wedding planner to plan our wedding because I truly see the value of hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners aren’t just for rich people, people who aren’t organized, or people who don’t want to plan their wedding; a wedding planner is a professional consultant who is there to help  everyone no matter who you are or what you can or can’t do.

No matter if you are getting married in your backyard, (we are planning one now) or if you have a destination wedding, if you choose to use a wedding planner this doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of planning your own wedding; it just means that you recognize the value of professional assistance. I once heard, A good lawyer hires an even better one when she needs an attorney.

I will first be the one to say that many of my past clients were and still are very organized and highly motivated professionals who are fully capable of planning their own wedding. What they don’t have is the time to make sure all the details of their wedding has been covered and fully executed. Many of them are busy professionals, or even stay at home moms, they don't have time to do that much work and still be able to continue on with the daily work/home/school activities of their life.

Typically there are three different kinds of clients who hire us:

  1. Couples who tried to plan the wedding themselves and finally hired a wedding planner under stress when they realized it was going to be too much for them.
  2. Couples who knew they needed a planner before they started planning.
  3. Couples who made a few phone calls, got frustrated, and decided to hire a wedding planner.

Couples who recognize the need for a planner and hire a company like us right  off the bat are obviously the best case scenario for us and them. But that isn't always how it works. Because we are a DIY society, and because everybody has a budget to keep, lots of couples start the planning and research on their own; feeling relatively certain they can handle planning their own wedding.

For some couples it is very frustrating when couplesmake phone calls and are promised a phone call back but never receive one. And when they finally get a real person on the phone, the answers are often vague and unhelpful. Many brides call us in frustration that these vendors aren’t calling back. It's not that they don't want your business, it may well be that you just got the wrong person on the phone. Whatever the case, we get a lot of clients who hire us so that we can be the ones not getting the return phone calls. Fortunately, we have better relationships than that with our vendors and they do call us back. That's why it all works.


The most difficult weddings to plan are the ones where the couples have already gotten neck deep in the planning. So much so, in some cases, that they've wasted money they can't get back, or chosen venues that are the wrong size for their group. We've seen it all and fixed most of it (not everything is fixable if you wait too late).


Here is our point: Hire a wedding planner as early in your planning process as possible. Hire one at your destination if you're not getting married at home, and trust their judgment on which vendors to choose and lose. They know the score because they do it every weekend.

Just for the record, it's okay to yell "uncle" and call in a professional for help six weeks before your wedding if you're in a mess, or if something has come up at home or work that is really fouling up your schedule.  We have planned a wedding in just two weeks and did an amazing job. Keep in mind when you hire that planner at the last-minute, you may be paying more than you would have if you hired her before. So remember if you feel that you just don’t have the time to make phone calls, attend meetings, wait for phone calls back, and take notes of who you talked to and much more allow us at Dionne Event Productions to help you!

Happy Planning!

'We have enough stuff already.. I don't want a registry!'

Many of my clients tell me, “Dionne, we have enough stuff in our house, do we have to create a registry?” There are many things that come with a wedding that are traditional and even some things that may be required. A wedding registry is simply not one of those requirements. If you and your significant other both agree that you have enough stuff (and could probably donate a few things) then do not go through the trouble of trying to find things you really do not want or need.


However, I do have an opinion about using a registry.  Some of my couples are actually shy to pick out items that they want others to buy them. They feel that may seem selfish or greedy. (yes, this is what some people really do think.) I often tell my clients that registries can be very helpful for friends who want to give you an actual thing. Some people like to think they’re contributing to your home, building the life around you a bit, and that you’ll remember them by these little items that surround you. When you have a list this can be very helpful for those types of guests.


Now these suggestions, theories and rationales may not mean anything to you. You may not be afraid of being greedy or selfish; you just know you do not need any more stuff! Just know that whether you have a registry or not there will be guests who will buy you gifts – it is just the inevitable.  

The perks of not creating a registry can give more possible chances of you getting money (yes!) or some friends will see this as an opportunity to get something really creative for the two of you.  (this can go either way so no expectations!)



Here is the bottom line – your guests may give you gifts whether you ask for them or not. If you ask me – skipping the registry may be the best bet if you have everything you already need for your household. Utilize your parents to help you share with your guests that the two of you are trying to avoid (and in some instances) get rid of “stuff.”  This is however one part of your planning process that you cannot control so just roll with it!